*New* Pole Fabrics Sessions

Here at IWRBPD we are proud to be one of only SEVEN qualified Pole fabrics instructors in the whole of the country.

This new concept of Pole fused with Silks is definitely a first to High Wycombe let alone Buckinghamshire!

Pole Fabrics adds a new dimension to your current Pole training by giving you the confidence of moves you already know but the thrill and excitement of learning them on a completely different medium.

The supportive fabric can also help you as a stepping stone to those more advanced moves that seem so far out of your reach.

Warning: Do not think Pole Fabrics is easy though.

Learning Pole Fabrics is great for those with a current Pole background as you have a solid base of strength and Pole knowledge.

Pole Fabrics is based on the pole being in ‘spin mode’ as opposed to static so for those students that have learnt pole on a static pole this is new and can be disorientating.

If you have not got a background in Pole be prepared for a whole world of overwhelming information.

Want to give Pole Fabrics a shot?

Give yourself a fighting chance by learning pole first and then apply that knowledge to Pole Fabrics.

Here at IWRBPD we are offering Pole fabrics sessions on a 1:1 basis. Me & You. That’s it. You can swing, fall and glide through the air without fear of anyone watching your attempts at this brand new fitness craze!

If you would like to give Pole Fabrics a try we have dedicated Fridays as our 1:1’s evening ( whether that is Pole or Pole Fabrics )

You can book in at 7pm – 8pm or 8:15pm – 9:15pm.

Items needed for your first Pole Fabrics Class

Minimum 8 weeks pole experience

Long Sleeve Top – (Fabric burn on your arms / back can be PAINFUL!)



Heard enough?

Book in for your 1:1 session with Nia -07890 191514

or drop an email to: nia@iwouldratherbepoledancing.com

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