Our Mixed Ability Pole Classes are for all students who have poled before at our school or elsewhere. 

New to this school? Need a little more info? No problem… 

Soooo…. You’ve done pole before? You may have even JUST completed our beginners course or have been regularly attending another pole school?

Here at IWRBPD we run mixed ability classes which means you all learn at your own pace and aren’t tied down to the rest of the group!

We believe that if you’re strong enough you should be pushed further and if you need to take your time, you take your time! We all learn at different rates so to group people into specific levels seems counter productive when we’re trying to promote this philosophy! (Also if you can only make a set day or time… this flexible teaching allows for this too!)

So you’re excited and ready to go – What next?

If you have completed our Complete Beginners Pole Course:

Easy, You already have a profile with our booking system!

1)LOG IN AND PICK A MEMBERSHIP – Log into your profile and click the ‘Memberships’ tab where you have a selection to chose from.

2) PAY – You can pay via bank transfer or cash (Call Nia to discuss these options), or use the Go Cardless system.

3) BOOK YOUR CLASSES – Find the days and times that suit your schedule and book in advance so you can guarantee pole fix!



If you have done pole at another pole school:


Firstly, we need to assess your current knowledge. Don’t worry it’s not a test but we do need to make sure we have seen all your previous moves before we can move you on safely. We are insured for anything we have taught you so if you’re practising other moves we really can’t guarantee your safety in class. We can do this in a 1:1 session which is £25 for the hour.

If you’re thinking of joining us then it’s worth setting up an account with our online booking system – Team Up. Here you will be able to see our availability for 1:1’s during the week and you can get in touch with times that suit your diary too.

You can get in contact with our principal instructor here:

Email: nia@iwouldratherbepoledancing.com or Tel: 07890 191514

What will I learn?

In a mixed ability group you are treated as an individual. If your strengths lie in climbing the pole we will explore some amazing climbs. If your body is instantly strong enough to support your weight upside down then we’ll send you upside down. If you want to take your time and master the basics over and over again. You can master the basics! The journey is yours!

Obviously we all have to learn the basics and indeed you will have strength tests before you can move onto the next challenge but that’s what any new skills is about. I understand that 80% of the students that walk through the door want to be upside down and showing off their new skills but with any new skill it takes practise strength, commitment and determination but you know this because you’ve done it all before right? If you haven’t I’d suggest you head over to our Complete Beginners Pole Course to try pole first!

We look forward to hearing from you and if you’re still not sure then have a look at what some of our students think of the classes already! Visit our Testimonials Page Here!