Photoshoot with Adam Jay

Photoshoot with Adam Jay


So we have discussed this in class lately and the time is growing ever closer.

I will be taking bookings for this as of today but to run we will need 10 people minimum!



For 30 minutes with Adam Jay it is £65 and you get to keep ALL of the shots and he can airbrush three of your chosen pics.

(Or £50 and you can airbrush yourself!)



Sunday 18th June 10am – 3pm


I have a few solid Yes’s and a few … Hmmm’s so let me tell you give you some advise on how to prepare for a session with Adam.


Double Up

Previous attendees of a shoot with Adam have advised to come as a pair so that you can book the hour and tag team the pole. Whilst one is changing outfit & getting prepared the other can have photo’s taken so as not to waste a second!


Write a List

The time will go fast so make sure you have a list of everything you want to do, in what outfit so as not to draw a blank when you are stood in front of the camera.



Adam is a professional so when he says ‘move your elbow in’ there’s probably a good reason for it. Relax and move into it position.



I am fully aware of what my body does during a pole session. My face. Not so much. From experience I would encourage you to work on expressions that look ‘relaxed’ for the shoot.

When it comes to your body, aim for moves that you can ‘hold’ for 3 seconds with ease. Also have a think about what style or look you want. Clean lines, full extension at the knees and elbows… upright and gracious? or relaxed and soft?

Practice with the mirror so you can see what type of look or style you want or book in for a 1:1 to get direct tips from your Pole Mama.


Get inspired

Start looking at other people’s pole pictures, adverts, dance show’s anything at all and if you find something that inspires you. Go for it!


Don’t let anything dampen your sparkle

So you’ve booked the shoot and you’re not where you want to be. Whether it’s ability wise, body shape or you just feel a little unprepared. That shoot is a snapshot of where you are right now. BE PROUD at how far you have come up until that very point!

Embrace & enjoy the moment so you can look back and just be grateful you made it that far. Who knows what the future holds but that moment was created and you have every right to enjoy it for a brand new experience to put in the memory box. Focus on the journey… Where your focus goes your energy flows.




**If you still need to book your time slot / partner up or discuss anything please feel free to message me – Nia – 07890 191514**