Loving Life!

So it’s a Sunday Night, I’ve spent ALL day updating my website and to some that may be mega boring but it just adds to my happiness of working for myself, being my own boss & loving the pole industry. Getting the Pole Studio has inspired me to work so much harder and make that place a sanctuary for everyone. I love being there and if I had to liken it to anywhere on earth I’d say The Studio…. It’s my Pub! I Just LOVE being there… It’s my sanctuary, I feel at peace & completely at home. It’s MY space…. ( technically the landlord may have something to say about that statement but) I Love looking at the poles, tidying my desk, cleaning my floor, making the throw overs perfectly in line ( I know that’s sad! )

It just makes me happy being there & I hope that if everyone who visits it, can feel even a small percentage of how it makes me feel….. Then I’m happy! 😀

We have an Open Day on the 6th November so Ladies & Gents if you wish to pop down and see what I am babbling on about then have a peek….. To you it may just be a room with some poles, a desk & a sofa…. to me it’s home 😀

I am truly grateful to everyone who has made it feel that way…. You know who you are 😀   xxxx