Just. Keep. Going.

After spending a whole weekend away with my sister I feel completely ‘normal’ again.

A four hour drive listening to MY music as eclectic as it is Fleetwood Mac through to Garage was just the starter of a beautiful weekend spending time with my family.

My sister is such an inspiring woman that watching her work relentlessly on her business, keep the family home clean whilst juggling emails and co-coordinating ‘bath time’ alongside cooking a kick ass roast dinner….. This…. All THIS inspires me and motivates me to work so much harder and be so much more productive with my time.

Yes, I do have time. Yes, I can write a blog post…. So I will.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day (Originally International ‘Working’ Women’s Day).

You can see where I’m going with this right?

I dedicate this post to her. The lady that inspires me everyday and motivates me to be better because she believes I can be. The never ending love I have for her is off the chart and I love her and the family she has created more and more everyday.

I am massively grateful to have her in my life and despite everything she goes through in life. She just keeps going.

Let that be a lesson to all of us…

Just. Keep. Going.

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