Now’s time to Ask Nia……

“What do I wear?”

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I did my training with Vertical Dance and my qualification is aimed closer to the fitness side of the industry as opposed to the thong & nipple tassle side. I would prefer that all participants wore fitness wear or something they feel comfortable in. As you progress in fitness & experience then you will realise that in order to do some moves on the pole an element of flesh needs to be exposed……

Footwear wise as this is a fitness based class, trainers are ideal but if you prefer bare foot is an option also… Sorry you have to put those 6″ stiletto’s back in the box & hide them under the bed again.

“Do I need to wear baby oil to make me spin faster?”

No creams or lotions should be worn for 24 hours before a class as when they come in to contact with the pole they can make it slippery and a health & safety issue.

“Do you run drop in sessions?”

We abide by the PDC Guidelines of having no more than 3 people per pole. To make sure we have the exact amount of participants each week and that we stay within those guidelines. We run each session as a course. This makes sure that during busy times of the year when everyone wants to ‘get fit’, you still have your space & plenty of time & room to practise!

“How many poles are in each class?”

We have four poles at the studio and there will only ever be at most – 3 people to a pole so you know exactly how much time you are going to get on the pole. (12 people per class maximum).

“Can my friends come and watch?”

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Class is strictly for participants only. I want to create a comfortable atmosphere in class so everyone grows together, relaxes and can dance, spin & fall together. What blunders happen in the studio – STAY in the studio!

“Can boys join the class too?”

Most classes are full to the rafters with women, however we have more and more men joining our courses too! We are happy to teach ANYONE pole dancing! We don’t discriminate.

(If you would feel uncomfortable with a guy in your class, please ask on enquiry and we can steer you towards the ‘single sex groups’  on the timetable).

*Please note: Anyone behaving inappropriately (male or female) will be asked to leave.*

“What is your Refund Policy?”

No refunds can be taken for taster sessions or spaces on a course. As soon as payment is received you have then blocked anyone else from having that space. No-Shows are also non refundable. All monies for courses are to be paid upfront in full or a £20 deposit must be made to secure your place & the remaining balance to be paid on the first day of the course.

“I’m pregnant, can I still try out the class?”

Your body is going to go through some serious changes now is probably not the best time to start a new exercise regime? Stay active but I’m afraid pole dancing with me is a no, no ……… 🙁


What are your course terms & conditions?

To find out more about our Ts & Cs you can do so here >> IWRBPD Terms & Conditions. 

If you feel you have a question that hasn’t been asked but would be helpful to know then please ask me & i’ll be happy to answer it & add it to the list!