Dem Class Feels

“It’s the highlight of my week”


Without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet… I have to admit, I hear this a lot from the students I teach. I have always said … “Awww, that’s nice, I am glad we can make you feel that way.”


I feel I have been taking that statement for granted.


In the last month I have gone back to being a student and attending dance classes for my own learning and development.

Every week that whole day is the perfect preparation for class!

Picking the right outfit that won’t annoy me by riding up / slipping down. I make sure I eat right during the day so I have maximum energy through the session and don’t go giddy. I have an hours drive to my class which doesn’t have any phone reception along the route I take. I make sure my phone is charged so I can video what I’ve learnt.

The hour drive gets me in the right head space and detaches me from everything else. The night is just about me and the music. It’s bliss! For two hours the only thing I need to think about 5,6,7,8. I don’t have time to worry about emails, washing up or whether I put the bins out. I can’t. I am 110% focused on what comes next.

Then the class ends and a little part of me dies…but it’s ok, I have lots to practice and there’s always next week aaaaand I am full of joy again!


I truly, deeply, whole heartedly now understand what my students mean and it fills my heart that I can make others feel exactly the same as the way I feel when I head off to my class.


My only mission now is to keep pushing my students and yearning for more each week! We have so much to learn and I am loving this journey so far!

I encourage everyone to go back and be a student it is the most enriching experience ever and I feel myself growing in knowledge and depth with each class.


Keep learning, keep growing.