As most of you know I am currently studying for my Street Dance Qualification with Urban Strides. Whilst I am qualified in Pole I have picked up various teaching skills but nothing was to prepare me for the amount of skills I have picked up from being a student again.


“The more I practice, the easier it gets”


As a kid I always remember my mum shouting at us to hurry up and get ready…. Now I know why. My mum used to play the radio in the mornings as we weren’t allowed the telly on and that is probably what fuelled my love for dance.


Music, rhythm, beats, bass, snare…. From the moment I woke up…. Of course I am only gonna have one sock on when you check in on me! I’m too busy dancing about!!!


Fast forward to today & every morning my alarm wakes me with music and from that moment the playlist is on and I am ‘popping’ whilst I brush my teeth and dancing about whilst getting ready (Popping in the dance sense not the gassy variety!)


I’m proud to have picked up some basic skills from this terms ‘popping’ classes and am now a proud owner of some very basic moves like: Twisto Flex, Egyptian Twist, Romeo twist and many other ‘grooves’ and ‘pops’ that stem from legends like Boogaloo Sam and Poppin’ Pete from the Electric Boogaloo’s.


How did I get better at all these? What was the magic pill? Well, I just practiced everywhere I went. Brushing my teeth, in the car (yea, I don’t care), in between classes. Literally everywhere.


But you know what? It got easier. My amateur arm ‘pops’ are slowly getting better, my Twisto Flex is no longer a Twisto-whaaat? And I constantly have a ‘groove’ that no-one can take away from me. Music is constantly playing in my heart and it feels LUSH!


So what happened this week? Andy asked me to stand up in front of the whooooole class to freestyle what I’ve learnt …..without any music.


If you had said to me that was gonna happen 4 weeks ago… I. Would. Have. DIED!


But he’s given me all the skills, we’ve drilled the techniques so when he beat boxed a beat for me to jam to, it was all just…. there. I didn’t feel overly nervous at all. (Also, my class mates are super lush and sooo welcoming)


It’s such a beautiful place to learn. Failure and playing is welcomed and I think that’s why I connect with his classes so well because for my own pole school I always wanted to create a safe place to learn! If we laugh, it’s together as a family… not AT each other. No-one should be made to feel better or worse as we are all on our journey of discovery…. Ok, ok… I’m getting too sentimental! Hit the brakes Nia.


So getting back to moral of the story. What made me confident and able to grow. The environment I put myself in… surrounding myself with like-minded people that wanted the best for me. What ACTUALLY made me grow…. Practice.


I’ll say that again for anyone who wasn’t sure… PRACTICE!!!!


So, if I give you homework in class… It’s because I want you to go home and practice what I’ve told you so we can take you to the next step. So your flow improves and every tool you have is just….. there.


“How can I practice when I haven’t got a pole Nia?”


If you think Pole is JUST about the skill on the pole… You have so much more to learn.


For starters: Flexibility, strength to back up the pole moves you’ve learnt, musicality (there’s no use calling yourself a ‘dancer’ if you cannot absorb yourself into the music and play with different beats, tempo’s, accents, pauses), flow, floor work… did I even mention handstands?


There is so much practice you CAN do, IF you make the time.


For the past two months at IWRBPD we have been learning a new skill each week to put in our Pole ‘Tool Box’. Body Waves, Floor work, Step-Ball-Change, It’s all BASIC stuff but if you practice it until it’s just ‘in you’… It unlocks so many more opportunities for you to enjoy pole on a higher level.


Believe me when I say, this isn’t me trying to give you guys a kick up the A55 to practice more BUT I fully enjoyed standing proud in front of my peers and dancing last night. I played with my freestyle and got totally lost in the music. I was sweating buckets too …soooo it was exercise and fun?….

Wait… whaaaaaaaat!


Yes, that ultimately is the end goal.


Fun, social, exercise where we all enjoy music and learn cool stuff.


So if that’s what ya down for…. Get ya A55 back to class and practice more!


That’s all I have to say.





Pole Mama / Aunt / Sister

Urban Strider / Cousin

Photoshoot with Adam Jay

Photoshoot with Adam Jay


So we have discussed this in class lately and the time is growing ever closer.

I will be taking bookings for this as of today but to run we will need 10 people minimum!



For 30 minutes with Adam Jay it is £65 and you get to keep ALL of the shots and he can airbrush three of your chosen pics.

(Or £50 and you can airbrush yourself!)



Sunday 18th June 10am – 3pm


I have a few solid Yes’s and a few … Hmmm’s so let me tell you give you some advise on how to prepare for a session with Adam.


Double Up

Previous attendees of a shoot with Adam have advised to come as a pair so that you can book the hour and tag team the pole. Whilst one is changing outfit & getting prepared the other can have photo’s taken so as not to waste a second!


Write a List

The time will go fast so make sure you have a list of everything you want to do, in what outfit so as not to draw a blank when you are stood in front of the camera.



Adam is a professional so when he says ‘move your elbow in’ there’s probably a good reason for it. Relax and move into it position.



I am fully aware of what my body does during a pole session. My face. Not so much. From experience I would encourage you to work on expressions that look ‘relaxed’ for the shoot.

When it comes to your body, aim for moves that you can ‘hold’ for 3 seconds with ease. Also have a think about what style or look you want. Clean lines, full extension at the knees and elbows… upright and gracious? or relaxed and soft?

Practice with the mirror so you can see what type of look or style you want or book in for a 1:1 to get direct tips from your Pole Mama.


Get inspired

Start looking at other people’s pole pictures, adverts, dance show’s anything at all and if you find something that inspires you. Go for it!


Don’t let anything dampen your sparkle

So you’ve booked the shoot and you’re not where you want to be. Whether it’s ability wise, body shape or you just feel a little unprepared. That shoot is a snapshot of where you are right now. BE PROUD at how far you have come up until that very point!

Embrace & enjoy the moment so you can look back and just be grateful you made it that far. Who knows what the future holds but that moment was created and you have every right to enjoy it for a brand new experience to put in the memory box. Focus on the journey… Where your focus goes your energy flows.




**If you still need to book your time slot / partner up or discuss anything please feel free to message me – Nia – 07890 191514**

Dem Class Feels

“It’s the highlight of my week”


Without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet… I have to admit, I hear this a lot from the students I teach. I have always said … “Awww, that’s nice, I am glad we can make you feel that way.”


I feel I have been taking that statement for granted.


In the last month I have gone back to being a student and attending dance classes for my own learning and development.

Every week that whole day is the perfect preparation for class!

Picking the right outfit that won’t annoy me by riding up / slipping down. I make sure I eat right during the day so I have maximum energy through the session and don’t go giddy. I have an hours drive to my class which doesn’t have any phone reception along the route I take. I make sure my phone is charged so I can video what I’ve learnt.

The hour drive gets me in the right head space and detaches me from everything else. The night is just about me and the music. It’s bliss! For two hours the only thing I need to think about 5,6,7,8. I don’t have time to worry about emails, washing up or whether I put the bins out. I can’t. I am 110% focused on what comes next.

Then the class ends and a little part of me dies…but it’s ok, I have lots to practice and there’s always next week aaaaand I am full of joy again!


I truly, deeply, whole heartedly now understand what my students mean and it fills my heart that I can make others feel exactly the same as the way I feel when I head off to my class.


My only mission now is to keep pushing my students and yearning for more each week! We have so much to learn and I am loving this journey so far!

I encourage everyone to go back and be a student it is the most enriching experience ever and I feel myself growing in knowledge and depth with each class.


Keep learning, keep growing.





What goes around comes around…..

Firstly can I say this was meant to be a secret that I was MEANT to keep until August and then suddenly would unveil but I’m too excited about sharing this journey with you that I’m gonna blurt it out now.


I have been waiting for my Dad to come back off his holidays so he would know first, that in the three weeks he has been away my life has taken a an almighty turn.


Let me set the scene.


About a month ago I was looking online for Adult Dance classes locally as I miss ‘attending’ classes.


I love Pole and I love teaching but for me to continually provide enthusiasm to my classes I need to break up what I’m teaching with new stuff I’m actually learning. I love learning new stuff and being able to infuse that into our classes. I’m currently working through my next Pole Qualification but after having to take a break due to injury (since before Christmas) I needed a low key class or something dance related that wasn’t crazy strenuous.


Basically I was BORED of being injured and NOT allowed to pole, I felt like I just needed something new to move to, classes I know I could get lost in and enjoy…. Street Dance.


Now, I know ‘Street Dance’ is generally used to advertise all sorts of commercial classes but the last thing I want to be doing is going to a ‘street’ class and bopping along to ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears in a dusty village hall. I needed more.


I searched on the only website I know that provides authentic ‘Street Dance’ classes locally…. Urban Strides.


(BTW I will continue to write ‘Street Dance’ like that as ‘Street’ is a massive umbrella term used for quite a few different styles but for ease of use let’s keep it simple.)


Next minute, I’ve seen a teaching seminar that Urban Strides run and BOOM… I’m enrolled on their free 4 hour Seminar!


Now…..I haven’t done any serious ‘Street’ classes since college but it was always what I wanted to do. Back 100 years ago when I left school that’s ALL I wanted to do. Finish school. Take a Street Dancing Course. Do Street Dancing all day. BOOM! I’d be happy!


But nothing was around then… Every University course I looked at you could do Contemporary, Tap, Ballet but no street dancing qualifications. (Some of you probably know that I was accepted into Laban to do a 3 Year Contemporary Degree at the age of 16…..BUT… my heart wasn’t in it. I just wanted to do ‘street’ and that’s one of the reason’s I never went to University. I’m not wasting 3 years of my life learning a discipline I am just not that into… So I took a side step into fitness.


Now 13 years later after leaving college and pursuing a career in fitness & falling in love with pole, I attend a ‘Street Dance’ workshop at Urban Strides and it ignites a feeling. A lost love. It was like seeing an old friend that you just lost touch with and catching up like nothing has changed. Well truth is. Nothing has changed. I still love ‘Street’… the beats, the bass, the moves and the energy. I want to learn more about it’s culture and the history and I want to embrace it with both hands.

But wait…. what about pole? Nothing’s changed. I still love pole…. But what If I could have my cake and eat it?


In a 2 hr workshop at Urban Strides my head was buzzing with ideas, avenues and adventures I could have. Using all the techniques I currently have with all the knowledge that I could learn ….what a journey right?


So two weeks ago I applied for the Urban Strides Street Dance Teacher Training Diploma. I was dubious as the fact the only experience I have of late is attending the breaking workshops at The Breaking Convention every year but hey… what’s the worst they can do… Say no? I have nothing to lose.


Selection for the course is a pretty exclusive process where they only take a maximum of 25 hand chosen candidates after both a written and telephone interview.


After waiting 3 days to hear back from them, I was offered a place on the course. Eeeeeeek!


I may have a decent foundation in Street but to be able to practice the disciplines fully and know them inside out enough to teach….. I have my work cut out.


Did I mention I am currently updating my pole qualifications too? Spin City Beginners and Intermediate. So as soon as I am pole ready those Video assessments need to be submitted too! Faaaaaaaaark!


The next few months feel crazy and daunting BUT by the summer (Fingers crossed) I should be a Bad Ass Fully Qualified Street Dance and Pole Instructor.


Why am I telling you all this? Because I’m beyond excited… Like off the chart excited!!!! I’m chuffed that I was even picked (They must have seen some potential though #SheStillGotIt)

Aaaaaaaand, I know I will want to show you everything I’m learning. So be prepared for your usual Poley goodness and more but if you don’t like Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, Breaking or House… You may want to hide me or delete me out of your world….because I’ll be posting about it.


Also, realistically… I’ll need your help. Be patient with me… I will be studying hard which means my free time will be limited. My true friends understand how hard I already work and I just need to know you will still be there on the other side even if I have missed a birthday to attend a dance class or dipped out of ‘drinks’ because I need to have an ice bath and an early night. You know I love you but from now until August. I am focused on these qualifications: Pole Qualifications and Dance Diploma (Did I mention this Dance Diploma is a Level 4 which is the equivalent to a first year degree – THIS IS THE CLOSEST TO A DEGREE I WILL EVER BE!! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghhhhhh!!!!!!)


Soooooooo yea, that’s my news!

#WishMeLuck #Pole #Street #AllOfTheThings #SoFreakingExcited #Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

2015 and 2016 – LET’S DO THIS!!!

2015 One Word…….. WOW!

And I mean a good WOW, not one of those WOW’s you say when you can’t believe how dumb your friend has made themself look with their latest facebook status.

We had such a busy year it literally went by in a flash but the biggest memory is saying Goodbye to West Star and HELLO Unit 9! It took just over a month from every single person I know pulling together and mucking in to get the studio ready and I still don’t feel we are at our full potential. (Still some ‘mood lighting’ to go in and other little finishing touches).

Aside from the finishing touches, I am so very proud to call it home and if I could move in….. I would! It’s bigger, better, lighter and warmer than our old premises and I feel we can do so much in this space the possibilities are endless!!!

To say I am grateful for all the help is an understatement! I would like to thank every single person who came down and helped at the studio. I literally could not have done it without you! I love my Pole family so much!

So here’s to an amazing 2016 and may it be filled with laughter, love and lunges! ALL OF THE LUNGES! And plenty of pole of course! 🙂 To all my students… I have many idea’s lined up ready for class and I cannot wait to teach you! You better be ready!!!!!

Love always

Pearcey xxxx

Just. Keep. Going.

After spending a whole weekend away with my sister I feel completely ‘normal’ again.

A four hour drive listening to MY music as eclectic as it is Fleetwood Mac through to Garage was just the starter of a beautiful weekend spending time with my family.

My sister is such an inspiring woman that watching her work relentlessly on her business, keep the family home clean whilst juggling emails and co-coordinating ‘bath time’ alongside cooking a kick ass roast dinner….. This…. All THIS inspires me and motivates me to work so much harder and be so much more productive with my time.

Yes, I do have time. Yes, I can write a blog post…. So I will.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day (Originally International ‘Working’ Women’s Day).

You can see where I’m going with this right?

I dedicate this post to her. The lady that inspires me everyday and motivates me to be better because she believes I can be. The never ending love I have for her is off the chart and I love her and the family she has created more and more everyday.

I am massively grateful to have her in my life and despite everything she goes through in life. She just keeps going.

Let that be a lesson to all of us…

Just. Keep. Going.

#JustKeepGoing #InspiringSister #Family #Shoops #JohnnyFive #BrainzOfTheFamily #Love

A quick post…

So Friday I had some training and the main man thinks I should write more blog posts…

And that I should keep them short and sweet.

So here goes. 

Hi ☺️ 

Tune in for more next time

Nia Pearce Achieves Level 2 Instructor Status!!!

Yep You guessed it I have been working HARD these past couple of months!

The following is the exact copy from the Pole Dance Community Website. To see it in it’s home environment CLICK HERE or Read on…..


Nia Pearce from PDC approved pole dance school I Would Rather Be Pole Dancing achieves Level 2 pole dancing instructor status.

Nia received 2 references from PDC approved pole dancing instructors Pippa Ceasar from Polenastics and Jenni Gooch from South Pole Akademy..

Pippa said “I would like to offer my reference in support of Nia Pearce’s application to become a PDC Level 2 Pole Dancing Instructor. Nia is delightful, thoughtful, entertaining and methodical. Her passion for pole is visibly brimming over and her talent for creating a wonderful and positive teaching environment is outstanding.  I am proud to pole with Nia and count her as a friend. To progress her pole career, Nia is constantly attending events and classes and workshops to hone her skills and talent and I have no hesitation at all recommending and supporting Nia’s application.

Jenii said “I would like to offer my reference for Nia Pearce’s application to level 2 instructor. I have known Nia for a few years now, we first met at a pole jam where she was very enthusiastic to learn and was friendly and easy going, since then i have had the pleasure of playing with her at pole jams, photoshoots and events. She works hard at her own pole technique and those of her students, and also works hard at her business and creating a great pole community at her pole school. I have worked with Nia as a dancer on the i-phone app ‘pocket pole studio’ and also as a judge for ‘the routine for the nation’. She is a true pole professional. Nia has lots to give and share with the pole world, and I would recommend her classes and her as a great teacher and poler.”

Let’s take it from the beginning and check out Nia’s fabulous CV:

Aged 12 – 21 Dance Classes in Street Dance, Ballet, Tap, Modern & Drama
Aged 16 – 21 – Dance Assistant & Student Teacher
1998 – 2000 Btec National Diploma in Performing Arts – Dance as specialised subject
2000 – 2010  Aerobics & Dance Qualifications
Exercise to Music (Aerobics) – NVQ Level 2 – ( Reps Level 2 ) – YMCA
Professional Studio Instructor Award – YMCA
Studio Resistance Training – YMCA
Gym Instructor – NVQ Level 2 – YMCA
Fitness Pilates – Rachel Holmes / Choreography To Go.
Cardio Kick – YMCA
Swiss Ball Training – Paul Chek ( Stability Ball )
First Aid – including CPR.- St Johns Ambulance (2010 )
Vertical Dance – NCFE – (Pole Dancing) Beginners (2008)
Vertical Dance – NCFE – (Pole Dancing) Intermediate ( 2010 )

Experience after Vertical Dance Qualification:

In 2008 I passed my Vertical Dance Qualification, I started with 2 classes a week (4 Poles so 12 max in each class) and over the past 2 years they have continued to grow so I am now teaching 6 classes a week. I was limited to times at my previous venue (Mon – Weds only) but at the studio I am now able to encourage more training for both myself and my students.

Due to time constraints of the previous venue I had never offered Hen Parties or had the opportunity to run extra sessions outside of class. With the new studio I am now able to offer support to students and can now encourage them to enter competitions and exams as we have a brilliant space that is readily available. I hope to run quarterly Pole Jams to encourage students to learn more & to be able to interact with the Pole Dance Community. The Advancement and Accreditation Programme (AAP) is a brilliant focus for class that I wish to bring into our current classes & look forward to bringing students up to the high standard that is ensured.

In 2008 – 2009 I had some personal issues that needed resolving and from my CV you can see that after those had been dealt with I put my heart & soul into bettering myself as an instructor and broadening my knowledge.

In 2009 I had my first taste of a Pole Jams & Workshops, I love them and below are the ones that I can remember attending with dates:

Pole Jams:
KT Coates 23rd August 2009
Taylors Retreat Pole Jam
30th August 2009 B.A.D.S
11th April Polenastics
17th January 2010 Spin City Pole Fitness,
21st February 2010 KT Coates
18th April B.A.D.S
8th August B.A.D.S
12th Sept 2010 Polenastics
13th February 2011 Polenastics

Workshops & Masterclasses Attended (2009 – 2010):

28th November 2009 – Jessalyn Medairy Workshop
13th March 2010 – Deb Riley’s 8 Hour Masterclass
23rd May 2010 – Karen Chaundy Masterclass
27th June 2010 – Pantera Workshop
15th August 2010 – Estee Zakhar Workshop
9th October 2010 Badazz Workshop
27th November 2010 Sally-Ann Giles & Annie Norris
23rd January 2011 – Darren Pritchard  – Male Pole Dancing instructor Workshop
5th February 2011 – Sally-Ann Giles Workshop

Through meeting some fab instructors I have found out about some amazing opportunities,  Here are some of the events that I have been lucky enough to either attend or be actively part of.

26th Spetember 2009 – Helping at Spin City Pole Dance Show –  Kate needed helpers for her show so I volunteered as I know how hard it is to find people who are willing to muck in. I had a fantastic evening and met some really talented ladies.

5th December 2009 – Spin City Pole Performance – After Helping at the Spin City Performance Kate asked if I would like to perform in their Christmas Show. I performed a dance to Kings Of Leon ‘Be Somebody’ . I stripped from a Full Nun’s Outfit to a sparkly pole outfit & managed to achieve the handspring on time after months of practise! (Amazing considering my knees were knocking backstage & I could hardly keep my eyeliner straight!)

19th March 2010 – Polenastics Pole-a-thon – Polenastics set up an event to encourage pole dancers across the uk to be part of and raise money for charity I encouraged my students to attend and we attended with 2 car loads of girls heading to MK to help & support. A great but tiring evening!

28th March 2010 – Pocket Pole Studio Dancer – Here I had the opportunity to become part of something new and pioneering as applications go. It has it’s creases that need ironing out but I am proud to be part of something that was completely new & exciting. Version 2 should see a more professional and user friendly app.

1st May 2010 – UKPDD – Wanting to raise awareness of Pole Dancing I gladly helped raise its profile locally by offereing Free Taster Sesssions & A Free Pole Jam. The Day was a great success & everyone enjoyed it!

23rd May 2010 – Routine for the Nation – An utter honor to be asked to judge this event & I feel I acted with professionalism when it came to the crunch. A huge responsibility being a judge but brilliant weekend meeting more fab polers! Karen Chaundy Masterclass was fab too! ?

12TH June 2010 – Vertical Dance Intermediate Qualification – Wanting to stay up to date and safe in my teaching this was a qualification that needed to be taken! I enjoyed the day and felt great to know everything I have been teaching is safe and correct also to know that I am proficient as an intermediate instructor aswell as student. Thankfully, I passed this qualification! yay!

26th June 2010 – Pole Unity – The standards of Pole Dancing is soaring and Pole Unity this year just proved it. Last Year was inspiring enough to all students but this year raised the bar. I have entered our dance school to be part of this great event next year but the theme, you’ll have to wait and see

3rd July – UKAPP Stevenage – Supporting another local pole group just myself at this one as it was too far for some but I enjoyed spending time supporting the local talent and being amazed by the girls that we have out there at the moment! amazing!!!! UKAPP is great because it gives normal people a chance to get up there and give it a go…. so proud to watch and one day I hope to enter some of my students into these competitions!

7th August 2010 – Bitten Event – Polenastics asked if I would perform with them at a Convention. A nerve racking experience but when you’re up there it’ s not so bad. The manoeuvring with PVC / Rubber Leggings was challenging & well sweaty to say the least but a brilliant experience and I had a chance to meet some celebrities which is always pretty cool!

22nd August 2010 – UKAPP Bracknell – The Bracknell heat of the competition and had more support for this one!  Talent is getting bigger and bigger and recognised some of the faces as these girls were more local. I love the pole world!

26th November 2010 – BAD Studio Launch – Fab evening sharing some quality time with Anna (Level 2 pole dancing instructor Anna-Marie Fulbrook) & fellow polers, such an achievement opening your own studio and very daunting, hats off to Anna she has worked hard and it shows!

4th December 2010  – Burlesque Performance – I was asked to perform at a local pub for their burlesque evening. The night was an organised mess after the leading lady twisted her ankle in the ice & another dancer’s music didn’t work. No warm up or practise time, certainly made me cope ‘under pressure’ . Not sure if performing is my cup of tea? Will need another couple of go’s before I make my mind up though.

My Biggest Pole Dancing Achievements – Emotionally & Materialistically.

1st October 2010 – This was the biggest milestone in my pole career. I opened my very own studio. It was a massive gamble but the risks were worth it, I needed to spread my wings. I started writing this CV before I got the studio and, WOW, 6 months down the line I am still catching my tail there always seems there is something I can improve on. The students love it and have supported me every step of the way. I love teaching my students dearly and have a great sense of achievement when they nail a move they have been so desperately trying to get. Makes you feel all warm and gooey. That is my biggest achievement making them feel good!

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations for 2011.

For 2011 I already have in the diary Bucks Pole Challenge. I am hoping to perform here. I am not looking to win but I am hoping to gain knowledge & experience of a Pole Dance Competition so that I can advise my students on what goes on. I feel I cannot tell them the pro’s and con’s until I have been on the other end of the pole and not on my bum watching! I have a student who wishes to compete too so hopefully we can grow together on this little journey!
Pole Unity is another amazing cause that I would like to support. We have entered a theme so I need to get started on choreography and put the word out to anyone who wants to dance in the show. I think it will be a great opportunity for my girls and I friendly environment to show their family & friends all they have achieved through pole! Looking forward to it already!

As every year I would like to support UKAPP & many Pole Jams & workshops! I would love to have a workshop with Miss Amber Ray & a couple more sexy flexy one’s!

By the end of 2011 I hope to have my sister trained and qualified in at least Exercise to music and hopefully 2012 will see a pole qualification for her too who knows maybe this year we will be able to afford it?!

Also I hope to gain a higher media presence. Media isn’t my strong point so I hope I can overcome this barrier and start getting out there on my writing. I am more physical than intellectual so I tend to play to my strengths. This year though hopefully I can maybe write an article or two who knows? I have 10 months to play with yet!

Thank You for reading and as you can see I have big plans for the months ahaead. I feel I have grown so much with the support of the pole community and look forward to hopefully gaining more knowledge and getting stronger and stronger as the months go on! Exciting times ahead!!!
The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Nia on acheiving Level 2 pole dancing instructor status and for being a great ambassador for the fitness pole dancing industry.

We are Record Breaking!!

It’s 6:45am on the first Bank Holiday Monday of 2011 and my alarm is waking me up….. WHY….. because today we travel to Trafalgar Square in London to take part in a record breaking attempt!

Most amount of Burlesque Dancers dancing for 5mins.

6:52am Ok, better get up!

Fishnets, Check.

Corset, Check.

Frilly Knickers, Check.

Red Lipstick, Check.

We met the rest of the troops there and what a day!

I could load pictures & write a HUGE Blog post but it appears we made the news…… So I’ll let them tell you….

Click Here To See Us Making the News in ATLANTA Picture No.4 is one of our Girls being Pap’d!

Click Here – We’re Cracking Canada (Check out pictures 6 & 8!)

Click Here for YahooOOOooooo News

Click Here for the Orange Website

Click Here, Yep we’re in India too!

Click Here for Virgin Media’s Take on it

And Finally …..The Metro

THE BEST way to spend your Bank Holiday! The Team were asked to have pictures with dozens of tourists. We will be in peoples holidays snaps from all over the world! What an amazing experience….

I am so thankful for having such a diverse job….. Why don’t you do some thing different and outside the box today…. Life is short… GO FOR IT!!!

Signing Over Out….

Pearcey xxx

Loving Life!

So it’s a Sunday Night, I’ve spent ALL day updating my website and to some that may be mega boring but it just adds to my happiness of working for myself, being my own boss & loving the pole industry. Getting the Pole Studio has inspired me to work so much harder and make that place a sanctuary for everyone. I love being there and if I had to liken it to anywhere on earth I’d say The Studio…. It’s my Pub! I Just LOVE being there… It’s my sanctuary, I feel at peace & completely at home. It’s MY space…. ( technically the landlord may have something to say about that statement but) I Love looking at the poles, tidying my desk, cleaning my floor, making the throw overs perfectly in line ( I know that’s sad! )

It just makes me happy being there & I hope that if everyone who visits it, can feel even a small percentage of how it makes me feel….. Then I’m happy! 😀

We have an Open Day on the 6th November so Ladies & Gents if you wish to pop down and see what I am babbling on about then have a peek….. To you it may just be a room with some poles, a desk & a sofa…. to me it’s home 😀

I am truly grateful to everyone who has made it feel that way…. You know who you are 😀   xxxx