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As most of you know I am currently studying for my Street Dance Qualification with Urban Strides. Whilst I am qualified in Pole I have picked up various teaching skills but nothing was to prepare me for the amount of skills I have picked up from being a student again.   “The more I practice, […]

Photoshoot with Adam Jay

Photoshoot with Adam Jay   So we have discussed this in class lately and the time is growing ever closer. I will be taking bookings for this as of today but to run we will need 10 people minimum!   PRICE: For 30 minutes with Adam Jay it is £65 and you get to keep […]

Dem Class Feels

“It’s the highlight of my week”   Without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet… I have to admit, I hear this a lot from the students I teach. I have always said … “Awww, that’s nice, I am glad we can make you feel that way.” BUT. I feel I have been taking that […]

What goes around comes around…..

Firstly can I say this was meant to be a secret that I was MEANT to keep until August and then suddenly would unveil but I’m too excited about sharing this journey with you that I’m gonna blurt it out now.   I have been waiting for my Dad to come back off his holidays […]

2015 and 2016 – LET’S DO THIS!!!

2015 One Word…….. WOW! And I mean a good WOW, not one of those WOW’s you say when you can’t believe how dumb your friend has made themself look with their latest facebook status. We had such a busy year it literally went by in a flash but the biggest memory is saying Goodbye to […]

Just. Keep. Going.

After spending a whole weekend away with my sister I feel completely ‘normal’ again. A four hour drive listening to MY music as eclectic as it is Fleetwood Mac through to Garage was just the starter of a beautiful weekend spending time with my family. My sister is such an inspiring woman that watching her […]

Loving Life!

So it’s a Sunday Night, I’ve spent ALL day updating my website and to some that may be mega boring but it just adds to my happiness of working for myself, being my own boss & loving the pole industry. Getting the Pole Studio has inspired me to work so much harder and make that […]