nia pearce pole dancing instructor

Since 2008 I have really been focusing on my pole dancing, training & teaching. I have had some life changing opportunities and have met some amazing people.

Lets go back to the beginning & explain where it all started!

As a child I always loved to dance, play the fool & generally keep active. As I grew older I stayed a fool however channelled my energy into teaching & at the age of 18 I passed my aerobics qualification & decided I wanted to motivate & encourage people to get fit & have fun doing it.

My personal view is:

“If you don’t enjoy doing something, you won’t do it.”

(I’m sure that’s why I have so many aerobics courses under my belt? The boredom factor kicks in after a while & you have to do something that you feel passionate about… for me that is Pole!!)

How did I even discover the possibilities of Pole Dancing?? Well, I did as anyone else would… I ‘Googled it’

Pole Dancing, High Wycombe, Bucks.

The closest place was Milton Keynes! Yikes!

When I started thinking about it my initial reaction was… “How hard can it be?”

How naive I was! As an established aerobics instructor I found it invigorating to be stripped of my dignity as an ‘instructor’ and taken back to basics along with everyone else. I had so much to learn and welcomed being a student again (although rather begrudgingly).

The course I found worked brilliantly for me and the instructor was friendly and warming. Although I was quite a clumsy beginner she made me feel sexy & powerful. Yes at times there were some blinding bits of ‘adaptation’ from me but as a group we laughed together. My waistline pinched in after just 6 weeks & the empowering feeling & sense of achievement from just an hour each week was something I definitely wanted more of!!

And that’s when the Pole addiction began!

That was over 5 years ago now, and boy have I come on a journey since then!

As soon as I was qualified I wanted to inject that feeling of empowerment & sense of achievement into others, giving women a chance to laugh and enjoy being sexy but at the same time growing their confidence by toning up those area’s we ALL hate looking at in the mirror. So I took myself with my new qualification to the “golden streets” of High Wycombe & set about creating myself my very own Pole Dance school.

Which is when “I Would Rather be Pole Dancing” was created. I have gone on to teach over 1000 students, and have equally just as many new friends in the Pole Dancing industry. I think any poler would vouch for me when I say it’s like one big happy family when it comes to Pole Dancing. Everyone wants to help one another and see each succeed and reach their new goals!

My words of wisdom that I’ve learnt from this journey;

Never say Never.

If you think you can’t do another rep/trick / spin then you probably can’t! – Can’t is a powerful word and I have seen it make efforts on the pole crumple like paper. If your mind is thinking it, your body is doing it.

Never just give up, some days are just bad pole days… get over it,stay productive and stretch instead.

Don’t expect to look like the girl on YouTube after just one class. We make it look easy because we train hard and practise harder. We are committed to our journey.

We: Eat, Sleep, Pole.

To learn more about the qualifications I have earned over the years that enable me to teach my students with the utmost knowledge and professionalism please visit the page below.

Nia Pearce Qualifications